Pranic Healing Trainer Mr. P. Subramani honored with Appreciation Award

In agreement with the Pranic Healing Trust - Tamil Nadu, World Pranic Healing Foundation Trust - Bangalore and Institute for Inner Studies Incorp. Manila - Philippines, Mr. P. Subramani - Mrs. Sri Abirami, authorized Pranic Healing Trainers, are creating awareness and spreading Pranic Healing for about 20 years. In 1995, Mr. P. Subramani and his wife Mrs. Sri Abirami entered into Energy Field Science, through Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, who is a scientist and spiritual teacher. From 1998 till now they have contributed their lives in spreading and teaching ‘Pranic Healing’.

With respect towards dedication, Mr. P. Subramani was honored with the appreciation award for 20 years of service in spreading GMCKS Pranic Healing during Silver Anniversary celebration at Bangalore on 4th May, 2015. The certification was rewarded by World Pranic Healing Foundation, India to Mr. P. Subramani and issued on behalf of GMCKS Senior Disciples Master Hector Ramos, Master Faith Saway, Master Hermie Corcuera and Master Danny Gorgonia.

GMCKS Pranic Healing - Stress Relief Programme

GMCKS Pranic Healing - Stress Relief Programme was held on September 12th, 2015 (Saturday) from 5pm to 9pm in Sri Purandaradhasar Kalaiarangam, RS Puram, Coimbatore. With the blessings of our Guru Grand Master Choa Kok Sui and with the guidance of our Pranic Healing Trainers Mr. P. Subramani & Mrs. Sri Abirami the event was a grand success.

The participants gathered for the ‘Stress Relief Programme’ to lead a stress free life, were able to benefit out of GMCKS Twin Hearts Meditation. Mr. P. Subramani explained the gathering on the importance of stress relief, what are the causes of stress factors and taught GMCKS powerful meditation to overcome stress. And Mrs. Sri Abirami briefed on the GMCKS Pranic Healing courses conducted in Coimbatore Pranic Healing Centres. There was tremendous flow of divine energy among the participants after GMCKS meditation for stress relief and our Pranic Healing Team were involved in repeated cleansing of participant’s negative energy. The participants were able to sense and feel their increased positive energy for themselves.

GMCKS Twin Hearts Meditation is an extraordinary meditation technique that harmonizes the earth with peace, joy and goodwill. The ‘twin hearts’ refer to the heart and crown energy centers or chakras. It is aimed at achieving divine consciousness or illumination through the activation of the heart and crown energy centers. This GMCKS powerful meditation has been explored to reduce stress on both mind and body. Mediation on Twin Hearts has touched the lives of millions of people as it brings love, hope, healing and joy. Do you experience headache, anger, fear, tension, irritation, sleepless nights… This is because of stress. Are you searching for remedies? If you want to overcome stress and lead a hale and healthy life contact us.

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