Achieving Oneness With the Higher Soul Course

Date & Time: May 7th and 8th, 2016 (Saturday - Sunday) & 9.00 am – 5.30 pm

Venue: Integral Yoga Institute, West Sambandham Road, RS Puram, Coimbatore.

Discover the essence of enlightenment!!

Ancient meditations, kept secret for centuries, will be revealed and taught to the public for the first time. These techniques allow you to accelerate the union of your incarnated soul (often described as the personality or lower self) with your Higher Soul (Higher Self).

The course also teaches us the true nature of ourselves, our Higher Soul and the divinity within us, and how to unite with them. Many esoteric secrets are revealed for the first time in this course. This phenomenon is known as “Soul-Realization”, “Enlightenment” or “Self-Realization”.

There are different stages of soul realization. The first stage in soul realization involves the intellectual understanding that you are the soul, a spiritual being of divine intelligence, love and power. You are not the physical body, not the thoughts nor the emotions and not even the mind. The thoughts and emotions are products of the soul, just as the carpenter is not the furniture. The mind is just a subtle instrument of the soul, just as the computer is your instrument.

The second stage is experiencing one’s self as the soul during meditation. The yogi or the meditator may experience not being able to feel the physical body, as though it has disappeared.

The spiritual practitioner may have an out-of-body experience, the soul occupying and manifesting in other subtle bodies of light and being able to travel at a speed faster than the speed of light.

With further development, the yogi may have an experiential realization of the nature of the soul. The nature of the soul is basically that of a being of light. A yogi experiences himself as a being of light travelling in all directions throughout the physical and the inner universe.

The third stage in soul realization is the experience of the incarnated soul (that is you) having union with the higher soul and realizing that there is no separation between you and your higher soul. The incarnated soul and higher soul are actually one. The yogi also experiences oneness with other souls, not just human souls, but all other types of souls. At this levels, the process of arhatship starts.

In this course one might experience oneness with the divine spark or the Paramatma. This is called God-Realization. The incarnated and higher souls experience oneness with the Divine Spark, oneness with God, oneness with all. The yogi can literally say, ”I and my Father are one!” He is truly a Divine Incarnate.

Course Materials:

Book Name:

Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul, Meditations for Soul Realization


Soul Meditation


Conducted By:

Mrs. Indra Ramamoorthy


  Books are all available from the Coimbatore Pranic Healing Centre

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